Audits can be a scary thing if you don’t have the right tools and know-how. At Campos Enterprises, one of our specialties is handling audits. We have helped many people with this situation and have a proven track record. If you receive a notice that you are being audited and are already a client of ours, chances are we already have everything we need to support all entries on your tax return, which means we can get rid of this burden very quickly.

If you are NOT already one of our clients, things may be a little more difficult. This means that you will have to bring us a copy of your tax return so we can see what was reported. Then, we will check to see what action the IRS or State is proposing. Once we figure out if there is a problem, we’ll give you options on how to best resolve your issues. But don’t worry, handling audits is one of our specialties, which is why once you get to know us, you will remain a loyal customer for years to come.