Campos Enterprises began its operations in 1993 in the city of Phoenix, AZ. Its first office, of approximately 100 square feet, was located on 27th Ave. and Van Buren St. This office was owned and operated by Founder Salvador Campos during the years of ’93 and ’94. In 1995, his office was temporarily moved to 35th Ave. In 1996, the office was relocated to 16th St and Oak, in Phoenix, where we continue to do business. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that Mr. Campos decided to expand his business due to the fact that a large quantity of clients requested his services and he was only one man with one location. During Tax Season of the year 2000, Campos Enterprises opened three additional locations: Avondale, Glendale and West Phoenix. Currently, Campos Enterprises is a company with 18 locations in the state of Arizona, with each office being independently owned and operated. We also have locations in California and Texas.


What sets Campos Enterprises Income Tax offices apart from the rest is the individual attention and quality of service provided to our clients. Our offices continue to offer free consultations to any individual in need of assistance, whether it takes 10 minutes or an hour. Our offices remain open all year long because we know people’s tax problems don’t end in April. We also know that some tax companies don’t get you your maximum refund permitted by law, and that’s why we check your taxes for FREE.